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Crafting Connections Takes a Creative Turn in 2024

Business travel is on the rise among younger generations – with a recent study from Hilton finding 53% of Millennial and Gen Z employees planning to travel in 2024, vs 38% for Gen X and 26% for baby Boomers. Benchmark Resorts & Hotels recently identified several trends impacting meeting and group experiences in 2024 and discovered traditional bonding activities such as company happy hours are no longer sufficient to meet the demands of these younger generations of executives. Instead, today’s business travelers are seeking more experiential, philanthropic, educational and wellness-centered activities.

1. Creative Workshops

According to Chaminade Resort & Spa, there is a growing emphasis on do-it-yourself activities and creative workshops among meeting goers. For groups looking to spark creativity and supplement their agendas with fun classes, the Santa Cruz resort offers workshops in a multitude of categories including art, nature, culinary and wellness. Among the resort’s most popular offerings are ceramics, knitting, painting and plant design classes.

2. Educational Experiences

Sanderling Resort in Duck, North Carolina has noted an enhanced interest in educational experiences among business travelers. To cater to this demand, the resort offers educational and experiential team-building opportunities, like discovering the history of the Outer Banks with a focus on preservation.

3. Philanthropic Initiatives

Programming that creates a benefit beyond the group is also in high demand, according to Willows Lodge in Woodinville, Washington. That’s why the lodge provides unique offerings such as their Build-A-Hand program that allows teams to build hands for amputees worldwide facing financial constraints for prosthetic devices.

4. Wellness Programming

The integration of wellness programming has become a growing trend in the meetings industry, reflecting a heightened awareness of the importance of wellbeing on corporate culture and business growth. As a result, The Wigwam in Litchfield Park, Arizona offers stress-reducing break activations and mindfulness activities to prioritize the physical and mental wellness of participants. The resort’s offerings range from guided meditation sessions and yoga classes to nature walks and wellness workshops led by experienced practitioners. These initiatives allow attendees to take a moment for self-care and relaxation, fostering a sense of balance and rejuvenation amidst the demands of corporate events.

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