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Local, Intentional Dining Experiences at Benchmark Resorts & Hotels

Today’s travelers aren’t looking for just any other meal. Increasingly, consumers are making more intentional dining decisions and seeking more enriching, immersive and sustainable meals – with Food & Wine’s Travel Trends of 2023 highlighting an interest in more natural, seasonal and local dishes. Here are three dining options for travelers who not only crave a delicious meal, but also seek an intentional dining experience that fuels their mind and body, immerses them in regional cuisine and supports the environment:

Lansdowne (Leesburg, Virginia)

Each of the elements – wood, fire, earth, metal and water – have a complex relationship with seasons, tastes and colors, among other factors. For example, wood relates to the season of spring, the color green and sour tastes, while fire relates to summer, red and bitterness. The seasonal menus at Lansdowne are guided by these five elements and the correlated tastes, as the principle that food is medicine, to help deliver cuisine that enhances the health and strengthens the bodies of its guests.

Willows Lodge (Woodinville, Washington)

The internationally renowned Herbfarm Restaurant at Willows Lodge offers a unique, multi-course dining experience – with each nine-course dinner inspired by the season and accompanied by wine pairings. The day’s menu is finalized only hours before the meal to take full advantage of fresh ingredients at their peak, including produce and herbs harvested daily from The Herbfarm’s own kitchen garden. Local growers and producers also provide wild mushrooms, heritage fruits and handmade cheeses among other ingredients. Meals are accompanied by conversations with Herbfarm’s chefs, seasonal tours of the kitchen gardens and live, classical guitar music by Patricio Contreras.

Hotel Theodore (Seattle, Washington)

At Rider restaurant, guests can celebrate the culinary heritage and bounties of the Pacific Northwest and Puget Sound. Located on the ground floor of Hotel Theodore, Rider offers a menu focused on fresh, sustainable and locally-sourced seafood – working in partnership with local fishermen to provide catch-of-the-day fish, fresh oysters, salmon and other treasures of the deep. With an open-concept kitchen, guests can enjoy an immersive dining experience and watch their meals being made on the restaurant’s signature woodfired grill.

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