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Business Travel in the Pacific Northwest

From vibrant cityscapes to awe-inspiring nature wonders, the Pacific Northwest offers a unique blend of work and play for the modern business traveler.

A Taste for Team Bonding

Team bonding is a critical component of workplace wellbeing, helping to build trust, foster collaboration and improve communication among employees. In today’s remote world, scheduling time for team members to connect in-person has become more important than ever – and what better way to connect than over food and drink?

Two Tickets (or More) to Paradise

Was the last palm tree your team has seen somewhere on their Windows screensaver? Then it’s time to check your bags—and check in to one of Benchmark Resorts & Hotels’ oceanside properties.

Outdoor Adventuring as a Team at Benchmark Resorts & Hotels

Spring is in full bloom and, as the weather grows warmer and the days stretch longer, it’s the perfect time to move your next team building activity out of the office and into the great outdoors.

Work and Play at Your Next Company Retreat

From the great outdoors, hiking, boating and beachside yoga, to wine tasting, golfing and more. There’s something for everyone. Bring your team together with a unique teambuilding experience. Here are 10 locations where companies can combine business travel with productive play.

Miles Away From the Everyday – Inspire Collaboration, Innovation and Relaxation at These Restful Lakeside Properties

In today’s remote world, it can often be challenging to find a time (and place) to unplug and foster meaningful connections within your company. For those looking to escape the everyday and inspire innovation, collaboration and relaxation, consider a lakeside location for your next company meeting.

Unique Destinations for Your Next Meeting

For meeting planners, finding new, unique and inspiring destinations for an upcoming event can prove difficult. Here are three Benchmark Resorts & Hotels' destinations dotted around the country, which offer unique experiences for meeting guests.

Re-work Your Workday with Benchmark Resorts & Hotels

If your team’s connection relies on your internet connection, it’s probably time to think about making your workplace culture a little more personal. So, move morning coffee from your home office to one of Benchmark Resorts & Hotels’ boutique properties. We’ll bring the to-go cups.

New Places for New Ideas

Taking a step away from traditional office spaces and heading to new places can help teams refocus on business objectives, offering a fresh, relaxed environment, free of workplace distractions.

Prioritizing health and wellness in the workplace

Happy employees are more likely to have a positive attitude when it comes to their work, increasing productivity and the overall culture of a company.

Take Your Meeting Through The Roof With Benchmark Resorts & Hotels

Whether it’s a large corporate gathering or a small group of meeting goers, Benchmark Resorts & Hotels has several excellent locations to host impactful and productive meetings:

Meeting Technology & Amenities

For meeting planners, technology can be a friend or foe. And, in this new hybrid environment with both virtual and in-person attendees to consider, meeting organizers must rely on conferencing technology – to ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience for all attendees.

Small Meetings and Events

Whether it’s an intimate conference or gathering for a small business or a chance to reward an individual team in a large corporation, Benchmark Resorts & Hotels has some excellent locations to host impactful meetings, executive retreats and events to meet the needs of smaller groups:

Building Bonds That Benefit Business

With many companies making the switch to fully remote or hybrid work, there’s added pressure on offsite meetings to make up for lost facetime and build team bonds that can benefit business.

Meetings With International Flair

Often, the best ideas come when we take a step (far) away from our usual surroundings. However, while the idea of jetting across the globe for meetings sounds inspiring, it can be a logistical challenge for meeting planners.

Easy To Reach Retreats That Feel A World Away

While company retreats have long been a staple of the business world, they often take place in a busy and overstimulated location like a major city for reasons including accessibility and proximity to a large airport. Planning a retreat in a remote location not only boosts your attendees’ comfort level as they ease back into in-person meetings, but time spent in a remote setting surrounded by nature is proven to improve brain health and stimulate creative thinking as well.

Sustainable Corporate Retreat Destinations

Over the past decade or so, sustainability has been at the forefront of workplace initiatives. But that shouldn’t just be a focus in the workplace itself – businesses should strive to ensure that they are engaging in sustainability practices even when traveling for conventions, corporate retreats and meetings alike.

Destinations To Spark Creativity

Breeze cooling your skin. Sun warming your view. Arms spread wide, floating down through the mountains. Can you picture it? A paragliding escapade through the Grand Tetons is just one of many teambuilding opportunities offered at Benchmark Resorts & Hotels properties around the country, designed to heighten your senses in a way that embraces creativity.

Wellness Treatments After A Day Of Meetings

As meeting-goers begin to convene again in person, wellness should be top of mind. Meeting planners and attendees are increasingly aware of the benefits of therapeutic services and how they play a role in the success of any meeting, conference or program.