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Work and Play at Your Next Company Retreat

With hybrid and remote work so prevalent among companies these days, employees are seeking chances for impactful facetime with colleagues to strengthen bonds. By planning a retreat for your team, employees can build stronger connections, brainstorm big ideas and celebrate accomplishments through teambuilding activities while still making the time spent together productive.

From the great outdoors, hiking, boating and beachside yoga, to wine tasting, golfing and more. There’s something for everyone. Bring your team together with a unique teambuilding experience.

Here are 10 locations available through the Benchmark Resorts& Hotels portfolio, where companies can combine business travel with productive play:


1. Hukilau at Turtle Bay Resort

Get a taste of the local food culture with an unforgettable culinary experience. Expand your knowledge with a friendly poke challenge or mixology competition. Discover the North Shore's diverse food offerings with a dine around experience or food truck event. Or immerse yourself in a signature entertainment dinner that puts a Paniolo twist on the classic lu'au.

2. Corks and Canvas at Willows Lodge

If your group loves wine and creative fun, we can arrange to have Corks and Canvas, a great local company, join us for two hours of painting artistry! Corks and Canvas will supply the canvas, brushes, paints, aprons, music and step-by-step instructions.

3. The Lost Shaker of Salt Scavenger Hunt at Margaritaville Lake Resort

Lead your group on a scavenger hunt throughout the resort while looking for clues that lead to secret ingredients to cultivate Jimmy’s Famous Perfect Margarita, including the missing Saltshaker. You will have an opportunity to win bonus points, including who finishes first. Top winning team members take home a Margaritaville swag prize!

4. Wigwam meeting with Wellness

A Wellness Guide can help enhance your group's journey with daily classes and activities that serve your intention. The Wigwam's Wellness offerings can help your attendees achieve their fitness and wellness goals, bring your group closer together or give a well-deserved break in between meetings and events.

5. Give Back with Lansdowne

What better way to bring your group together than by playing for a cause. Corporate social responsibility is alive and well when your team participates in Charity Putt-Putt, Build a Bike or Build a Bear experiences.

6. Learn, challenge and bond together at Skamania Lodge

Is the great outdoors perfect for your team? Golf, zipline, hike or geocache on-site, or white water raft and fish off-site. Are you looking for a more peaceful experience? Visit Waterleaf Spa or tour area waterfalls. Do you lead a group of creatives? Use secret ingredients from your “black box” to craft the judges’ favorite martini, work in teams to create a custom wine blend to take home or work with a variety of favors to win the guacamole and salsa competition.

7. Amazing Race at The Heldrich

Located in the heart of downtown New Brunswick, The Heldrich offers a wide range of team-building options that are sure to engage and inspire your team. If you're looking for a high-energy challenge, The Heldrich’s "Amazing Race" scavenger hunt is sure to get your team moving and working together. Your team will race against the clock as they solve clues, complete challenges, and race to the finish line.

8. Zipline in Jackson Hole at Snow King

Looking for a fun and exciting way to bring your team together this summer? Look no further than Snow King Mountain's summer activities! With a wide range of team-building experiences, Snow King offers the perfect setting to help your team bond and grow. If you're looking for an adrenaline rush, the waterways of the West offer a full menu of choices from a guided wildlife-viewing raft trip at sunset in Grand Teton National Park to whitewater thrills on the twists and turns of the Snake River.

9. Enjoy the Art of Teamwork at Garden of the Gods Resort and Club

Garden of the Gods Resort and Club’s team-building experiences are designed to challenge your team while promoting teamwork, communication, and problem-solving skills. Located in the stunning Garden of the Gods Park in Colorado Springs, our Outfitters program offers a wide range of team-building options, each one tailored to your team's needs and preferences. For a more creative challenge, the "Art of Teamwork" workshop is a great option. Your team will work together to create a unique piece of artwork inspired by the stunning scenery of the park, learning valuable skills such as communication, problem-solving, and creative thinking along the way.

10. Create a Custom itinerary at Chamiande Resort & Spa

Looking for a fun and effective way to strengthen the bond between your team members and improve their communication skills? Look no further than Chaminade Resort & Spa's team building activities in Santa Cruz. Chamiande’s team building experiences are designed to be both engaging and educational, providing your team with opportunities to work together and learn from each other in a fun and supportive environment. From outdoor adventures to indoor challenges, our activities are tailored to fit your group's unique needs and goals. Whether you're looking for a full-day team building retreat or a short activity to break up a meeting, Chaminade has options to suit every schedule and budget.

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